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Pastor's Moment

      As I set here updating our web page, it's mornning and I'm looking out my window at a front lawn covered in snow. Oh how I wish I was a kid again. I would put on my warm jacket, hunt for a pair of gloves and head out the door into the splendor of excitement that only a child could enjoy.
      I remember a time as a youngster of about 10 or 11 and we had a snow that even now it would be hard to describe. It snowed all night and nearly all of the next day. (Now I'm going back in history to about 1955) We got up the next morning and boy; snow was everywhere. We shoveled down our breakfast and then shoveled out a pathway to the dog lot. Took care of dad's hound dogs and then set out to play. There was no school, for which we were thqnkful, and so it was play time.
     We rolled down the hill towards the barn. Pushed each other on a wooden slab and then it happened. I don't know why, but kids just come up with the grandest ideas sometimes and that's exactly what we did.
     Down in the barn, dad had placed an old discarded hood from a 1946 Mercury. There was no hardware left on it and the bullet nose on that thing was slick as a banana peel. It had the perfect shape for sliding down a snow, covered hill.
     I have two brothers that were both younger than me and as I write this I can't remember which one of them came up with such a great idea. And that idea was to drag that old hood up to the top of the hill behind the creek on the back side of the pasture and ride down the hlll.  It was hard tugging; let me tell you. We slipped backward three feet for every two feet forward. That breakfast mom fed us sure came in handy that day because we were using it up. 
     Finally we made it to our destination. We stood on  top of the hill over-looking the vastness of wide open spaces and  every intention of riding down that 40 degree incline. We worked for an hour draggin that thing down the road and up the hill across the cow pasture, never dreaming of how we might steer it once we got it in motion. But who cares about small, minor technicalities. Down below us was about seventy-five yards of open pasture covered with over a foot of fresh, white, frozen snow. And at the bottom of the hill, waiting with arms open wide was a very cold creek.
     We jumped into our make-shift sleigh and rocked back and forth for a few minutes and then we felt her begin to move. Whow! Lift off! Everyone in and button down the hatches; we were moving. Our missell started down that hill and I'm sure we were reaching at least the speed of sound. That baby was flying. First it curved to the left and we slid over to the right to correct the path. Then it swung over to the left again and was trying to make a uturn about half way down the hill. So we shifted our weight back to the right but there was no hope. We could not turn the fastest sleigh we have ever been on. I begin to wonder why in the world I listen to those two brothers of mine. I was the oldest in the group and it was my responsibililty to take care of them. Now there all three of us were, sliding down a hill sideways in a 1946 Mercury car hood and no way of stopping that thing as it came nearer and nearer that cold creek. It was just hang on and "ride her out'
     As we neared the bottom, the pasture begin to flatten out and we were slowing down. Surely it would stop before hitting that creek or at least we could jump out. We laughed and screamed and enjoyed every moment of those final minutes. Then we begin to hold our breath as that massive monsture we were in came nearer and nearer the edge of that creek. I remember telling my two brothers to "hang on", 'I think we are going in'.
     We were getting ready to abandon the cockpit of that flying disaster. The creek was rapdily approaching and we were rapdily getting ready to jump before we plunged into those cold waters.
      You know something, I'm not sure, but as I look back at that day I belive our angels were very busy. I'm sure that they had tried to influence us to forget the whole idea of draggin that car hood up the hill for a sleigh ride but we never responded. So they followed along with us and I can only imagine  that there were moments when they could not help but giggle under their breath because they knew what we were in for. But still, there they were with their mighty hands and strenght tugging on that sleigh just enough to keep it from leaping over the edge of the creek bank and giving us one more chilling bath. 
     God is so good to us.
      2014 has had its excitements. This coming weekend we will bring to an end the evangelistic series of Word Ministry with Pastor John Earnhardt. It has been exciting to see our many visitiors return night after night and enjoy the Bible presentations.
     On Saturday evening, February 15th. at 7:00 o'clock we will begin a Bible study Revelation Seminar. If you would like to attend we would enjoy having you come and be a participant in the class. This is not a preaching seminar but rather a study seminar. You bring your Bible and I wil furnish your study guide along with a notebook to keep you organized. There is no cost to you as a student. I do however need you to call and register to make sure that your supplies will be on hand. My number is 336-243-3007 and just leave your name and phone number on my answering service.
     Please come and visit with us when you are in the area. We are located at 4230 OLD US HWY 52 just across from Liner's Shoe. Our Sabbath services begin at 9:30 A.M. with song service, then Bible study and our worship hour then begins at 11;00 o'clock.
     Have a great day.
      Pastor Danny Pope
     Lexington, Seventh-day Adventist Church









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